To behold by those who dare

Hello everyone.
As both feared and speculated by the elites and powerful amongst us.
There will soon be made new melodies produced by the beautiful voice of your favorite nee awe inspiring angelic muse, also known as the GOLDEN VOCAL CORDS , the moost beautiful sound of the universe, the big J,known by us poor mortals as jodric,

I fear you dear listeners will have to cope with the low key me, mutering some verbal swamp stink into your ear.

There have been lots of things happening around us not to forget about so many new developments with our favorite aspiring space adventurist Elon the strongest musk of spacex.

There will be some more motorbike talk. as we explore the possibilities of a long trip to the most northern part of Europe in the near future.

And all the mayor society shaping happenings in our emerging more and more important lives to those who suck air for a living.

Inshort lots of talk about all that has been and all that has not yet come to pas.
As lady Galadriel once put it in the long long ago.
In a galaxy far far away close to our final frontier.

Your favorite golgothan shit deamon. Low key Maarten

#44 Transalp with the Transalps

We talk about part one of our roadtrip to the alps, virusses on IoT devices, Frans research team discovers RNA after shooting lasers into a forming earth, the X-37B lands, Andy Weirs new book Artemis and Tesla starts taking orders for solar roofs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Links:

#41 Anchormen are playing a game…

Maarten is so out of the loop that we play a game with the news of olden times. Seeing how wrong he is. SpaceX launches a new satelite to geo sync, Tesla Powerwalls, heat pumps, Trumps false wiretap claims, Russian ties, Iron Fist and who is the new Jacky Chen!?